Lazy Gal's Guide To Looking GOOD!

Lazy Gal's Guide To Looking GOOD!

Since we had a blog for the guys, the gals wrote in and asked for some advise on "Looking Good the lazy gal way" as well. As women go- their schedules have a lot more to do than men . Things like waxing, mani/ pedi, hair (color and cut), kids, pets, bills, cooking, work, shopping, doctor, and of course their significant other. When it comes to looking good there's more to it. They have hair, make up, clothes, shoes, purses, wallets, jewelry, etc. So for the "gal on the go" here are some suggestions for those times when you are not into it, or your schedule is too hectic to figure it all out. Here are some suggestions from Tarantula Clothing that can hopefully help you out. 
     "Thee" most important thing that should be on the top on the list is foundation! Unless you are under 30 with absolutely delicious skin, you should not leave the house without at least light coat of foundation on. If you are on the street in the sun and of course you bump into someone that you haven't seen in 3 years and you look a mess. You will not be able to have a fun conversation because you will be thinking "Damn they are probably looking at my black heads, black circles, and little zits and they're going to tell everyone that I look tore up!" So don't be caught off guard because it's when you are, that's when you wished you had. Don't be that person apologizing for how they look because you will only point out your flaws for them. 
      Next on the list are the lips. Put some lipstick, lip gloss, shine, anything. Don't be looking parched and chapped for all to see. Who wants to kiss that? Any hot looking lips get people listening and wanting more, no matter what that more is.
Curled bangs, lower bun, lipstick, headband and sunglasses!
      The next would be the eyes. The eyes tell it all. They tell things like what happened the night before, how much you've been drinking, if you are high, and if you've been crying over your man again. People don't need to be knowing all of your business- unless you want them to. If there's no time for makeup just put on some chic sunglasses. Done! If you can't wear sunglasses- then Mascara goes a long way. If you are a wiz with liquid eyeliner then please feel free. Eye shadow is for the makeup queens, special occasions, night time, true makeup dolls, etc. 
Good hat and makeup dress up the top!
       Your hair (or the covering of..) should be the next priority. If you have bangs then then slick the rest back to a high pony tail and with a silk chiffon scarf looks effortless but stylish. Scarves, barets, caps, hair flowers, and turbans add a great chic diva style that looks amazing. And they take 2 minutes to put on -and they separate the real women from the sloppy girls.
       Now with all that going on your clothes can be basics or daily looks and you will still look stunning. Comfy flats are cute when you have to take on a lot of walking, or working. Just make sure they have arch support because after a while your feet will start to hurt. And nothing says I love you like High Heels. I know they are uncomfortable but the glamour points that you rack up will come in handy when people are comparing you to someone else.
Comb the bangs and add a pony-cute earrings help
      Jewelry, purse, or accessories are an added bonus, but if you are just going to the market and wash your car then they can wait for a cool party on the weekend. Or if you do "The lazy way" suggestions for the dance- then yes! -a cute purse, earrings, bracelets, and high heels go a long long way!  I hope this helps girls! Of course the longer it takes to get ready, and the more people you need to get you dressed is for real special occasions like weekenders. Stop by    for some effortless looks that hold you in and lift you up. Both your body and spirits. Now go on girls and show the world what you are made of ------------------Honey!!

Scarf, glasses, bang curl, scarf, lipstick and out the door!

I know life gets hectic but they don't have to know!

She put a little more time but time into it and it shows!

Yes, she has a full face but the gloves cover the bad polish, the hat covers the bad hair, and the makeup and jewelry distract the rest!!

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