The Tarantula Clothing Story

Tarantula Clothing company started in June 1, 2006 from the need to find a dwindling selection of vintage clothing. The love of Classic 1940's/50's/60s clothing was harder to find in the 2000's, so David Contreras made his own 50's clothing line. His partner Albert Rodarte wore his jacket out, and the request to buy it "off his back" was so strong he suggested to David to start making jackets and selling them. A local store owner ordered 70 jackets for the first order, they flew out in 3 months, after that Tarantula Clothing Company was born. Social Media took the company to the next level with internet sales, followers, sales, hair, and makeup, and photo shoots. They also had a dance show called Tarantula's "Dance Scene . They had a retail clothing store called "Tarantula Clothing Store" as well.

The name Tarantula Clothing came from a time when David and two other design school friends were drawing, and came upon a science book that had a picture of Tarantula Nebula. David said one day he would love to design for the people that lived in Tarantula Nebula (space aliens), that they were probably ultra modern and chic. So he dropped the "Nebula" and kept "Tarantula" and now he is designing for ultra modern chic people here on Earth instead!

When people think of 40's/50s/60s they think of everyday looks, but David brings all the under ground looks "of the day" back to life. Styles so good they had to come back. Both men's and women’s styles are inspired by Vintage fashion magazines or Hollywood Classic movies which David is obsessed with. With more than 30 years experience in making clothing David is still inspired by high quality constructed clothing and fabric from vintage clothing. Fashion designers like Dior, Balenciaga, Jacques Faith,Lilli Ann, Edith Head, Adrian, and Erte were some of his inspirations! We hope you like our clothing, it is made with local talent like our cutters, sewers, and fabric vendors that all need work, and we keep them working, and their families are our family. Be a part of the small business revolution!!