Tarantula's guide for "CASUAL COOL"

Tarantula's guide for "CASUAL COOL"

Hello Tarantulites!!

When asked about how the look got casual- we think the best look for the "Casual Cool Look" is Tarantula Clothing's Men's Hollywood Tee's with some High waisted trousers or Rockabilly Jeans. You can look cool, be comfortable and still look totally together with no effort at all!! All the girls will want to be with you, and all the guys will want to BE YOU!! Or wear with some denim pants and a News boy cap! I wear a Captain's hat with a striped Tee, jeans, motor cycle boots- this works for me!

Luckily, I make these so I can wear all colors (Which I wear to death!) I am more of a dressed-up-kind-of-guy, but these work great for Car shows, pool parties, beach stuff, Birthday parties and anywhere else that you would like to "Represent" your COOL look!
Wear under a ALBIES JACKET with Tarantula's ROCKABILLY JEANS!!


These hide love handles and make your chest and arms look super buff. Go ahead put one on and get that hard-to-get girl you've been after. ~~~~SCORE!


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