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Mid Century Jumpsuit

Mid Century Jumpsuit

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The Mid Century Jumpsuit.

Just in a nick of time to save the day is the local diva wearing “The Mid Century Jumpsuit”. These are for the 1950’s girl who believes that the worst times are over and its time to believe in the future. ( Especially after a pandemic! ) While wearing “The Mid Century Jumpsuit” you can be the person you always wanted to be. These jumpsuits do everything lincluding :
* A 2” belt that cinches the waist, and an elastic on the back top waist.
* 2 front pockets for all of those important things in life!
* Double pointed sleeve cuffs to have a finished bad girl look
* A mid Century girl collar that’s great for popping and establishing a bad girl status!
* And a front zipper that can shift the mood from “Serious to Sassy!”
Buy it at your size for a comfy and a slight baggy fit, or buy a size down and let the stretch fabrics do their job- hug, hug, and hug your body!! Get them in all colors like Black Universe, Silver Star, Creamy moon, and Galaxy Gold!!


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