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Slim Leg Flat-Front Trouser (026)

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In the late Atomic age 1950's men's wear was getting more fitted and streamline. As they started experimenting with the men's trousers they made them with a flat front as an alternative to the pleated trouser. And why not? They are super comfortable and still look 50's but are a breeze for those everyday looks. But they are still High Waisted so don't get scared, they are not low rise! They have to side front pockets and 2 rear welt pockets. The hems are not finished so you can take them and have a cuff put on them or just a turn back hem. Either way you will still look dashing, Everyone will still think "Damn, he always looks good!" Looks great at work, parties, dinners, car shows or record hops! Wear them with waist jackets, cardigan sweaters, or long blazer. A must for the Atomic cool cats!


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