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The Weekender Jacket

The Weekender Jacket

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Only the collectors that own a “WEEKENDER JACKET” know why we make it over and over, and why it sells out every time. It was conceived from an Eisenhower jacket but way less fussy. Even though it is fully lined and light weight it still keeps you warm, and you never have to iron it. It has a zipper front, 2 front patch pockets, 2 button sleeve cuffs, and an elastic back waistband for comfort. You can dress them up or down, it just depends on your mood. At first you might want to “baby it” and only wear it for special occasions, but if you have one for everyday wear, you will buy others for those special occasions, and some for everyday!! I have one from 2006 and it still looks great! It is a magnificent alternative to a blazer when worn with a tie, or wear with a collar shirt unbuttoned and go with a 50s cool cat look. If you think the model looks cool imagine yourself in one. Sizes are S-3X, they are made for today’s body type. The fabrics are very limited. so get yours today before they sell out — again!!

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